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We aim to be a vessel for change in Africa and across the world, applying design excellence and inventive, forward-thinking ideas to meet client needs and deliver thoughtful, outstanding projects

Visionary ecologies

Environmental planning accounts for biodiversity, ecosystem opportunities and vulnerabilities in the face of climate change through nature based solutions● Environmental Planning
● Climate Change Adaptation

Scaleable systems

Scalable systems take the form of various project scales from unit based solutions to regional scale planning and design● Master planning
● Urban design

Adaptable landscapes

Adaptable landscapes maintain authenticity while evolving to the changing needs of spaces● Landscape architecture
● Interior landscapes

Who we are

About us

Vessel Ltd started out in 2013 as Ecological + Visual Landscapes (EVSL). As our expertise has grown the practice has evolved to our new identity as Vessal. Our core values and philosophy have taken shape over time.To us, outstanding projects are sustainable spaces which respect the ethos of their contexts, they are passionate to a fault, are highly efficient productive environments that respect natural systems, they are authentic and are stunning to detail.Vessal is a design practice offering environmental and climate change planning, master planning, urban design and landscape architecture. We work across small to large scales and across a variety of market sectors ; Public projects, Residential, Educational, Recreation, Corporate, Commercial, Ecosystems, Healthcare, Industrial, Institutional and Hospitality.We have built a strong passionate team that brings fresh ideas to each project. We work at various scales starting from the small and collaborating in consortiums to deliver large scale projects with multidisciplinary teams.

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